Civil engineering contract

With the civil engineering contract, the self employed civil engineer promises the principal with the following architecture-related and rather more technical-functional services:

Head of civil engineering

  • Construction draft design
  • Project planning for supporting structure (SIA standard 103 article 2.4)
  • Construction management

Civil engineer for partial civil engineering services

  • Consulting
  • Draft design
  • Construction cost estimate and or facility costs calculation
  • Construction planning
  • Awarding to craftsmen
  • Construction coordination
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction approval
  • Construction (final) accounting
  • Supervision of improvements, defect repairs

Specialist or expert in structural engineering

  • Consulting
  • Draft design of supporting structure construction
  • Construction supervision (technical-functional aspects)
  • Construction approval
  • Construction approval (senior supervision of implementation engineer(s))

The civil engineering contract is very similar in fact and law to the architecture contract.

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