Architect contract (architecture contract)

With the architect contract (also called an architecture contract), the self-employed promises the principal the provision of the following services:

Total architect

  • All architecture services that are necessary for erecting the structure (according to the overall contract)
  • but at least project planning and construction management (cf. SIA standard 102 article 2.2)

Architect for partial services

  • Consulting
  • Draft design (aesthetic-design core function)
  • Construction cost estimate and or facility costs calculation
  • Construction planning
  • Awarding to craftsmen
  • Construction coordination
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction approval
  • Construction (final) accounting
  • Supervision of improvements, defect repairs
  • Representation
  • Expert opinion on the construction

The clients can be:

  • the principal (property owner)
  • a general contractor (GU) or total contractor (TU)
  • a civil engineer
  • a professional colleague
  • and many others

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