Study Contract

The study contract is the standard type of competition: The investor issues “study contracts” with the same assignment to several selected architects (planners) at the same time. His objective is to receive various suggestions for the future planning of the construction project.

Characteristics are:


  • Professional private builders
  • The federal government, cantons and communes for public buildings (rare because of public tender restrictions)


  • Several selected architects
  • Selection or invitation process

Evaluation body

  • Jury of experts, who are considered (should be) well known
  • Greater demands because of a conducted dialogue



  • Different solution proposals as a performance result
    • Planning study
      • Idea study
      • Project study
    • Overall performance study
    • Combination of the above


  • Follow-up contracts
  • Paid participation


  • Non-anonymous procedure
  • Presented reasons required
  • Dialogue
  • Rolling solution optimisation
  • Interaction for the development and knowledge of the motivation or consideration


  • All participants receive the same compensation
  • No prizes and no ranking
  • Binding decision of the body

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