Expense reimbursement

The principal owes the architect (planner) the reimbursement for expenses and costs (OR 402):

No need for an agreement

  • It is sufficient that the architect (planner) has incurred the expenses in the (correct) execution of the contract.

Monetary expense

  • Under expenses or rather so-called usage compensation, the issue is always about monetary expense.
  • General expenses do not count under the usage compensation positions.

Effective expense

  • The architect (planner) may only have those outlays or uses compensated that have actually resulted through his fulfilment of the contract (cf. also article 5.3.3 SIA orders 102 / 103)

Cash expense positions

Among the architecture-related expenses are:

  • reproduction costs from previous building permit and planning paper documents
  • Heliographies and external plan reproductions
  • Documentations
  • etc.

Special costs

  • Under articles 5.5 and 5.6 SIA order 102, the following expenses are listed as indemnifiable costs:
    • Documentation costs
    • Premiums for extraordinary insurance policies
    • The cost of the building site office
  • Recommended agreement
    • Replacement of special equipment used mutually (cf. article 5.6.2 SIA order 102)

Travel expense

  • Travel expenses are included under cash outlays but not the cost of the travel time (time tariff according to article 5.7.2 SIA order 102)

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