Faithful and diligent execution

The commissioned architect (planner) has the following obligations:

Faithful performance

  • Basis
  • Protection of the principal’s interests to the best of his abilities
  • Omission of that, which could damage the principal
  • Application of trade and professional ethics (for example, SIA)
  • No acceptance of retrocessions (“architect discount”) for the awarding of the contract and not giving these to the builder

Information obligation / consulting obligation

  • Information obligation with regard to the risks and consequences of his work before and during the execution of the contract (fluid transition to consulting, if appropriate)
  • Information obligation with regard to all relevant circumstances
    • Obligation to provide information (without being asked) about events or incidents, which could give the principal reason to replan.
  • Cost estimates
  • On-going cost information

Diligent execution

  • Basis
  • Ensuring the quality of the architecture performance (planner performance)
  • Competent contract execution without having to guarantee his efforts (different from the work contract, where success owed)
  • Due care avoids architect liability

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