Construction management

The construction management is understood here as heading the execution of the construction:

Fundamental construction management functions

  • Control and supervision functions
  • Workshop and material control
  • Arranging samples (flooring, walls, façades, etc.)
  • Arranging and controlling direction work
  • Dimension checking
  • On-going construction records
  • Arranging controls by the authorities
  • Monitoring regulations
  • Protocol and report keeping / construction journal
  • Construction work documentation
  • Heading guarantee work
    • Recording errors / filing complaints
    • Arranging errors and defects correction

Senior construction management

  • Drawing up work contracts
  • Motivation basic decisions
  • Control work at the construction site
  • Payment transactions
  • Calling in retention guarantees
  • Arranging errors and defects correction

Local construction management

  • Control building site
  • Arrange construction controls through the project drafter, expert engineers and authorities
  • Transfer of the main and major set points according to the project specifications
  • Arrange and evaluate the necessary measurements

Engineer as a specialist

  • Construction control
  • Advising builders
  • Further functions in accordance with SIA standards 103 / 108

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