Term: Architect Law


Architect law regulates the rights and obligations of an architect.

Legal definition

  • none


  • Master builder
  • Structural draftsman
  • Structural designer
  • Leading architect
  • Builder
  • Civil engineer or construction engineer (depending on the country; in Switzerland more of a structural or load-bearing specialist)
  • Graduate or chartered engineer (Austria: intellectual structure of the building)
  • Builder or master builder (Austria: intellectual and physical building structure)
  • Interior designer or interior architect

Term: Planner Contract (General Term)

The planner contract is a general term for agreements among architects, civil or construction engineers, general and specialist planners, etc. and the principals in a narrow sense (landowners) or in a broader sense (also general or total contractors) for the provision of building-related planner services, such as the drafting of building plans (blueprints), a cost estimate, or building supervision or monitoring of the construction work.

Term: Architect Contract (Architects Contract)

With the architect contract (also an architects contract), the principal commissions the freelance, self-employed architect with all architectural services, which are necessary for the creation of a building or only – but nevertheless – with partial services, such as project planning, planning or design, contracting, construction management, and so forth.

Term: Civil Engineer Contract

With the civil engineer contract, the principal commissions the freelance,self-employed civil engineer with the provision of architect-related, more technical-functional services, such as “overall civil engineering management” or partial services from the “civil engineering” segment, etc.

Term: General Planner Contract

With the general planner contract, the principal commissions a multidisciplinary architect or engineering company with the comprehensive function corresponding to that of a “complete architect” – for the project planning, design and monitoring.

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