The architecture services in the broader sense are very widespread. This can be determined by observing the many new buildings. Behind each construction project stand or stood one or more architects or civil engineers.

Less transparent is in what function and with what tasks the architect participated in the construction planning:

  • Planning
  • Project planning
  • Awarding
  • Construction management

The work of an architect can be distinguished as follows by type of employment and area of application:

Self-employed architect

Work methods

  • In traditional construction system
    • Principal–architect + individual contractor for the different types of work
  • In the general construction system
    • Principal–architect + general contractor (GU)
  • in the total construction system
    • Principal–total contractor (TU) (architect as “sub-planner” for the TU)

Further details

Architect in a work relationship

Area of work

  • in an architect group or society
  • for the general contractor (GU)
  • for the total contractor (TU)

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