The Organisation

The KBOB (Coordination Conference of Building and Property Bodies of Public Sector Developers) was brought to life in 1968 as coordination institution for the federal construction bodies.

The Participants

In the meantime, the KBOB standards are applied by the:

  • Swiss federal government
    • with the exception of the SBB (member of IPB)
  • Swiss cantons
  • Swiss communes

The Objective

The main focus of the coordination of objectives

  • Public invitation to tender
  • Compensation for inflation on construction work
  • Architect and engineer fees

The Set of Standards

The KBOB rules and fundamentals are in no way as comprehensive and complex as the SIA Set of Standards. The structure contains the following elements:

  • Publications
  • Aids
  • Instructions
  • KBOB contracts
    • KBOB service contract
    • KBOB general contractor contract
    • KBOB total contractor contract
    • KBOB service contract
    • KBOB framework contract for service performance
    • Follow-up management
    • Instructions and recommendations for payment schedules in the construction sector
    • etc.

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